Winston School of San Antonio

November, 2012

Thomas Marotta received a medal, commemorative ribbon and gifts as one of five winners of the city-wide Middle School Academic Mathematics Competition hosted by the St. Anthony Catholic High School Chapter of the Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honors Society.  This award ceremony concluded a day-long competition.  Thomas participated in three rounds of testing; each round consisted of 25 problems with a 45 minute time limit.


In an email received by WSSA teacher, Carol Salzwedel, Mrs. Marotta wrote, “…I wanted to share this happy moment with you. Thank you for being an excellent math teacher to Thomas!”


Mr. Billy G. McWilliams, the Mu Alpha Theta Faculty Sponsor, commented, “We are deeply grateful for the support of all the students and parents that participated in our first ever middle mathematics competition. I am impressed by the high caliber of students that attended the event and their level of preparation prior to the event. These students certainly know their mathematics. Just as we are pleased and proud to have met these students for the first time on November 3rd, I am certain that their home schools are very proud of every one of them each and every day. “


Dr. Charles J. Karulak, Headmaster of WSSA, stated, “Thomas is an excellent student representative for The Winston School San Antonio. Last year, he placed First in the Behavioral and Social Science category at the Alamo Regional Science and Engineering Fair in the Junior Division.  Thomas has worked hard and we are very happy as he well deserves this honor at the inaugural Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honors Society competition.