TBH Launches Unique Program for Developing Talent in Houston
Talento Bilingüe de Houston

August, 2011


EXPRESSARTE is the bilingual artistic educational project with which TBH (Talento Bilingüe de Houston) launches its first Comprehensive Theatre Program for Youth and Adults.

The program’s intention is to foster artistic and cultural excellence and share it with our community.

We have chosen to start our artistic educational program with Theatre, since this art form combines a myriad of artistic disciplines and its practice effectively develops sensitivity, culture and aesthetic appreciation.

For Youth, Expressarte will provide the necessary skills and discipline to be able to generate a portfolio and be admitted into higher education. Youth will be introduced to all critical theatrical skills and knowledge through weekly classes in Acting, Voice and Movement. Also additional courses in design (prop, make-up, costume, sound and scenic design) will compliment the program.

For Adults, Expressarte will provide a unique two-year program curriculum of 48 semester hours of theatre higher education, which encompasses classes in Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Movement for Theatre, Voice and Diction, as well as other important skills in the performing arts: Play Production, Theatre History, Elements of Design, Dance, Music, Spectacle and Audiovisual Semiotics (Theatre, Circus, Cabaret, Film, Radio, TV and Video) as essential compliments for Theatre and the Performing Arts. At the end of each semester the students will showcase their work in theatre pieces staged by them as preludes to TBH’s season productions. This rigorous and exciting program will have a selection process based on talent, commitment to art, and to community and a fair representation of gender, race and social economical standing.

The curriculum has been designed and will be taught by Angeles Romero, MFA and Honorary Professor Carlos Jesús García, both of whom have had extensive experience in American and Cuban Universities, respectively. Other well-known professors with reputable artistic and educational background will be invited to develop seminars and master classes.
Classes will take place at TBH during the week between the hours of 5pm and 10pm. Full and half scholarships available based on strict criteria.

Registration applications will be available as of Thursday, July 21th from 9 am to 5 pm, at TBH (Talento Bilingüe de Houston)    333 S. Jensen Dr. Houston, TX 77003. For more information please call Angeles Romero at 713-222-1213 or email angeles@tbhcenter.org.

The mission of Talento Bilingüe de Houston is to educate all by preserving, presenting and promoting Latino culture. TBH is funded in part by generous grant awards from the Houston Endowment Inc., The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts, The Brown Foundation, The Wortham Foundation, The Immanuel & Helen Olshan Foundation, the Texas Commission on the Arts, NALAC Fund for the Arts, the Mayor’s City Initiatives Program and the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, CenterPoint Energy, Northwestern Mutual, Reytec Construction Resources, Inc., Wells Fargo, Port of Houston Authority, Tejas Office Products, Inc., Shell Oil Co. and METRO.


Instructor Bios:

Ángeles Romero was born on the Mexican-American border, and she has been raised in two cultures. Her artistic work meditates on the new lexicon of contemporary Latino culture and its political relations to Anglo and international cultures. After studying Political Science at UT-Austin, she performed with Deborah Hay, made costumes, wrote plays, acted on stage and film, and co-directed performances with AlienNation Co. (between the places, North by South, migbot, Trails, fishgarden and Mirak). In 2003, she completed an MFA in Theatre at OSU, where she performed with da da kamera at the Wexner Center for the Arts and completed, Sueño, a multimedia play based on the life of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Other dance (embers) and solo performances (The Brow and Cuerpos Ambulantes) were shown in the Midwest and toured internationally. After a residency as Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Studies at OSU, she returned to Houston in 2004 and has worked as an independent performance director, writer, and language interpreter. As Artist-in-Residence at Talento Bilingüe de Houston, she directed the educational program and has devised and taught an annual series of workshops on playwriting, multimedia theatre production, and improvisational techniques. Under a Houston Arts Alliance fellowship, she completed her latest play, Puntos de Fuga. In 2008, she completed the Summer Tadashi Suzuki Actor Training in Toga, Japan with SITI Company‟s Ellen Lauren. Currently, she is the Artistic Director of Programs at TBH and is co-writing a book with Johannes Birringer titled, "Multimedia Theatre: Directing and Performing in Intelligent Environments" being published in 2012 by IGI Global, an international publishing company.

Carlos Jesús García Rojas (Holguín, Cuba. 1950)

Poet, playwright, actor, director and professor at the School of Audiovisual Media of the ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte de Cuba) and the University of Educational Sciences "José de la Luz yCaballero". He has taught workshops and given recitals, lectures and theatrical performances in Mexico, Dominican Republic and the United States. In 2010 a guest at the International Meeting of Writers of Veracruz, the same year he edited and wrote the prologue to "El Caballero de Paris"White playwright Esther Pereda, advised and co-directed the musical theater show for children "Insects and Bicharraco " starring the singer Rita Rosa Ruesga who was nominated for a " Latin Grammy "in 2009 and 2010. He has received several awards and competitions in literary and theatrical festivals in Cuba and participated in several international events (college and professional) theater and literature. He currently resides in Houston, TX where he leads the artistic direction of the group "Anima Production" and is a professor and consultant at TBH (Talento Bilingüe de Houston). His published books are "Toto of spirits" (Theater. David Prize, 1977. Editions Union, HavanaCity, 1978), "Dream and agony of Toto from the spirits" (Theater. Prize of the city, 1987, editions Holguín, 1988), "The Stunted within Me” (Poetry. Prize of the city, 1988. Editions Holguín, 1988), "Playing itself" (Theater. Prize of the city, 1989. Editions Holguín, 1989), "Ritual of the fish"(Poetry Bilingual publication, Spanish-English Editor Cuadernos Papiro, Holguín 2000) and"Sonata of the Angel" (poetry and theater. Editions Holguín 2005).