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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Seth Godin on the decision before the decision
Jacqueline Beretta

September, 2008

This blog by Seth Godin was so interesting wequoted it for you here - you might visit his blog often. 

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves – while picturing just the results we want, we sometimes take for granted the process of how to get there and forget that sometimes things could take a little different path than we expect. Seth Godin wrote about this recently in his excellent blog.

His friend sent him a business plan to review. He outlined four or five elements of the project he was launching and wanted his feedback on each.

He'd already decided to launch the project. To make it a non-profit. To build it on a scale of a million dollars a year. To do projects that would involve certain types of growth but avoid others. To include primarily live events instead of online or media properties. He'd also decided not to create a self-propelling movement, not to be tribe-focused and not to be huge (or tiny). To write a book!

Godin observed that “that's a lot of decisions to make before you start. Your choices used to be astonishingly limited. Now, they're relatively infinite. Not just the choice of what color to make the logo, but the whether or not choices. Perhaps you don't need a live conference. Perhaps you don't need to write a book. Perhaps you don't need to start a non-profit. Perhaps you can spread your ideas and generate impact with more speed and more power but with a lot less traditional overhead.”

He admitted he might be wrong, but observed that making the decision before you make the decision seems backward. I agree.

Visit Seth Godin’s blog at


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