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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Keeping the Eye on the Ball
Jacqueline Beretta

August, 2007

Internationally-recognized futurist Joel Kotkin said in Atlanta last week that “a city and region's ability to have a vibrant future strongly depends on its ability to create jobs, offer affordable housing and generate entrepreneurial openings to a growing and highly diverse population.” A city must understand that it must nurture and grow an upwardly mobile middle class and provide the greatest number of opportunities to the broadest spectrum of residents. In the future, class will become more important than race in metropolitan cities," Kotkin said. "For cities to thrive, it is important that they not only absorb newcomers, but support the education and economic development of their current citizens." Kotkin's presentation is available online at  

Lets talk about me and you and the future of the planet….. and who’s doing what on the environmental front…..

Something really cool….Starbucks is planning on sparking conversation on the climate Crisis by hosting a National Day of Discussion: Solutions to Climate Change” at coffeehouses in more than 60 U.S. cities on august 15th.  Hosted by community leaders and non-governmental organizations (The Climate Group, Conservation International, Earth Day Network, Earthwatch Institute, and global Green USA) with an expertise in environmental science, these friendly and informative discussions are designed to engage local participants in a dialogue about how to modify their impact on the planet by making simple, everyday decisions.  The "National Day of Discussion" is part of Starbucks efforts to generate conversation around the issues of climate change highlighted in the new family-friendly film "Arctic Tale," which follows the real adventures of a walrus and polar bear as they struggle to adapt to the realities of a changing climate. It looks like it is a must see.  Houston, College Station, Plano, and Dallas/Ft. Worth will participate to raise awareness about climate change and facilitate conversations on solutions. But listen, if you are not in one of those cities….check out the site and participate online with your own comments.

Texas’ Dell is onboard with good environmental goals and benchmarks……. Dell recently announced a long-term, global initiative to partner with customers and members of the "Re-Generation" - people of all ages who care about the environment - to become the greenest technology company on Earth.  "Protecting the environment is too important an issue for one company to be leading alone," said Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell. "Customers should not be forced into improper disposal due to a lack of environmentally responsible options. To that end, we are renewing our challenge to every computer manufacturer, regardless of size or location, to join us in offering a free, global consumer recycling program. It is the right thing for our customers and the earth we share." From their Free Consumer Recycling Program that helps consumers recycle to their Reconnect Program which with Goodwill Industries helps consumer donate unwanted electronics to their Asset Recovery System which helps customers retire old systems correctly to the Product Donation Program in partnership with the National Cristina Foundation.

Austin’s Whole Foods, the world’s largest retailer of organic/natural products, made the SB20 list again…as it has since inception. For those of you who have no idea what SB20 is, it is comprised of the top 20 most innovative companies, large and small, that are having an important impact on creating an environmentally sustainable society.  The list is presented in the Progressive Investor newsletter, published by, which tracks sustainable stocks.


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