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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Two $ Birds with One Stone
Karen Eber Davis

July, 2007

Suggestions on How to Create Grants that Support Individual Fundraising

Fundraising from individuals and grant writing have long been looked at as two separate processes. Instead of being separate, these activities can be designed to support each other. When they support each other both areas thrive and more money is raised. This article offers a number of specific ideas on how to align these efforts. You can use them wherever you are in the grant process, even if it’s submitting the final report.
The Application Process

  • Ask potential donors to read and help you finalize the application

The Need Statement

  • As you gather need statement information collect articles, quotes and sources to use in news articles, fast fact sheets and to send interested donors

Since grant donors tend not to fund the same project twice, consider including some or all of these sustainability expenses in your grant budget. For instance, request funds for:

  • Newsletters that include holiday wish lists and information on how others can help. Include costs for postage, printing, marketing advice, etc.
  • Creating other publications, like brochures and ads
  • Purchasing a simple database, plus staff time for training and use
  • Staff time to meet with collaborators
  • Website development and hosting for sustainability and other web program needs
  • Partial salaries for development staff for sustainability activities
  • Public education and events to teach customers, community leaders and potential donors
  • Volunteer training to create positive experiences that help volunteers develop strong ties with your organization


  • Develop your own challenge grant--“We promised the XYZ Foundation to raise $10,000. We need your help.”

After Submittal
Redraft and use application materials in board reports, case statement, brochures and articles
After the Award

  • Issue press releases that highlight how people in the community can help
  • Update your website with information about the program and how to donate
  • On sign-up sheets or with ticket sales, include an opportunity for customers to create scholarships for others to receive the service. For examples, see school field trip permission slips.
  • Share the good news with donors. Call them to inform, thank and request their continued support

Karen Eber Davis is a consultant, strategist, group facilitator and writer. As president of Karen Eber Davis Consulting, she draws on her full set of skills to help organizations plan and fund their way to excellence. Her firm has attracted such clients as the Red Cross, Circus Sarasota, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Suncoast Workforce Development Board, the Englewood Water District, Dreams are Free and more than 100 local, regional and national organizations. Her consulting work is respected for its innovation, enthusiasm and energy as well as its practical understanding of the spirit and psychology of nonprofit organizations. For more information, visit her website at


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