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Monday, January 22, 2018

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One of the highlights of my week
Jacqueline Beretta

June, 2007

One of the highlights of my week was having the opportunity to meet Marcy at Woman at the Well in San Antonio. Her excitement and enthusiasm was contagious. Then I read the book Why Smart People do Dumb Things by Mortimer Feinberg and John Tarrant realized that she embraced all of these qualities that they describe as the “Six Principles of Maturity”. So…I decided we should all read and practice these principles:

Accept yourself. “You’re on the road to maturity if you can begin to appreciate yourself without trying to be what you cannot possibly be.”

Accept others.  “Your relations with other people are a basic test of your maturity. If you don’t get along well with others, it’s not because you’re not smart enough, or because you’re smart and they’re dumb. It’s because you still need to grow up in some vital centers of your being.”

Keep your sense of humor. “Your humor reflects your attitudes toward people. The mature person uses humor not as a bludgeoning hammer but rather as a plane to shave off rough edges.”

Accept simple pleasures. “The capacity to get excited over things even when they seem ordinary to others—this is a sign of a healthy personality.”

Enjoy the present. “Emotional grown-ups don’t live on an expectancy basis. They plan for the future, but they know they must also live in the present. The mature person realizes that the best insurance for tomorrow is the effective use of today.”

Welcome work. “Appreciation of work is a hallmark of mature people.... Immature people are constantly fighting certain aspects of their work. They resent routine reports, or meetings, or correspondence. They allow these annoyances to grate on their nerves continually. Satisfaction in doing a good job is blocked out by the dust speck in the eye of resentment over trivia.”

Check out next week's newsletter with lots of interesting tidbits about July 4th, and a great BBQ sauce recipe from Chef Ben Ford.

From Why Smart People Do Dumb Things by Dr. Mortimer Feinberg and John J. Tarrant


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