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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Reinventing the Way You Go A-courtin’
Jacqueline Beretta

February, 2006

You think you are doing everything right. You are integrating marketing into your nonprofit to make sure that you stand out and get noticed. Competition, after all, is intense – and your story is compelling, but dollars are limited and you must make sure that you brand yourself and your mission. Yes, all of this besides doing a great job at what you do and serving the people you serve.

You redesigned your website, you added all the new bells and whistles, prominently placing you mission statement, pertinent data, opportunity to donate, and more front and center. You are sending out email newsletters to opt in subscribers, your current donors, and other who express interest. Inviting people to learn about your efforts – who you serve, where they are located, how and why you serve them. You are publishing your results and they do look good!

But for all of this, are you truly doing everything you need to do?

Its connections

For all the hard work you do, running and spinning as fast as you can possibly spin, are you taking time to meet the people who are potentially your next best friends? It’s all about connections – the right connections. Who is interested in the mission of your organization and ultimately can help you meet the people who have passion for what your organization does and who it serves?

Its chemistry

After meeting those who could be involved, can you create the chemistry that’s needed to foster a new relationship between you and this potential funder? A flair for personal connections can result in a great bond that is the key for a long lasting relationship.

Its mindset

Take the time to figure out who your future funder is. What makes him tick? What does he want to accomplish with his hard earned dollars? Listen. Learn exactly what his hopes and dreams are. Then decide if you can honestly deliver the goals he hopes to accomplish – because if you can’t, eventually and probably within two years, your relationship will dry up and resentment could raise its nasty head.

Its energy and enthusiasm

Bring energy into the room! Shake it up – make it fun – explode with excitement over your project. Be proud of your accomplishments. Throw out positive energy. You will be amazed at how good it feels…you will see smiles explode and eyes sparkle. Show them how and what you think you can do for them to help them achieve their dreams of philanthropy. The manner in which you behave and the method in which you go about your business will tell much about you and your organization.

Be a cheerleader. Love what you are doing – love the results you are getting – love the people you are serving. Catapult your enthusiasm out into the atmosphere – this creative enthusiasm will bring you everything positively back like a boomerang.

Its creating trust

Show them that you walk the talk – you can deliver – produce evidence that you can do exactly what you say you can do. Show the rich possibilities there can be when you and your organization do their magic in the community. Deliver proof that you are an important part of Texas well being. The proof may involve numbers, results, or encouraging success stories – whatever – deliver them and make sure they are totally accurate.

And finally….

You know, it’s not tricky – it’s just about doing what you say you are going to do, and doing it well. That invites donors – because donors want to be part of a success story…they want their social investment to pay off.


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