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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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IEAS Newsletter October 2016
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

October, 2016

IEAS Newsletter - October 2016
Meet the new Director
The Staff and Board of IEAS would like to introduce our new Director:
Jonathan Larson
Jonathan has been hard at work getting acquainted with our operations and procedures here at IEAS. He brings his experience as a Zoo Curator with him to IEAS. This knowledge will prove invaluable while managing the Sanctuary and its current population of 71 animal residents. The Staff of IEAS looks forward to working with Jonathan and benefiting from his knowledge and experience.

Learn more about Jonathan on
Fresh Changes to Management Style

In conjunction with the Staff changes, there have also been a few changes in management style both Internally and Externally. 

Internally, we are increasing communication and cooperation between all Staff and Board members with the overall goal of improving multiple facets of the facility.Thanks to the increased communication, we've stepped up operations in a various ways and instituted an even more rigorous escape drill protocol.  Such improvements will help insure that our perfect record on having no injuries due to animal/human conflicts is perpetuated. We have also instituted a more inclusive program to insure that the thoughts, ideas, and possible improvements presented by staff and interns are given open discussion and consideration. 

Externally, we are looking to communicate more with our Supporters. We want YOU to be part of the experience with what is happening at the Sanctuary even more. We need and want more Supporters and Volunteers. We encourage past Volunteers and Supporters to come see the completely different culture and even resubmit any past ideas for consideration. Change can be a good thing, and we encourage everyone to give the new culture a try and see for themselves. We always want to hear from our YOU. If anyone ever has a question or idea, please let us know.
Animal Updates
Help Support the Animals
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Nahla has certainly grown since she arrived here earlier this year. Nahla came to us from Conroe, TX after being found wandering the streets. While she is getting bigger, she certainly stays active and is quite playful. Some of her favorite activities include Emotional Enrichment visits with our Animal Behaviorist, and he finds her always ready to play and perhaps the most lovable and affectionate tiger we have had. She is quite a star and has a very magnetic personality. She really loves playing in the water feature of her habitat and attempting to direct the water coming out of her fountain to get anyone in close proximity as wet as possible. This will be Nahla’s first winter here and it is sure to be an experience for her. Visit the Sanctuary regularly and you can watch her grow along with us.
Learn more about Nahla
My… How they’ve all grown.
These tigers were rescued in October, 2015. They have adjusted quite well, and seem to really enjoy their very large habitat with their fountain and two pools. They both love to swim and can be seen languishing in their pool on warm days.
They have also grown quite a bit. ShereKhan and KiKi have certainly gotten bigger since they got here and so has their appetite. They are two very mellow tigers, and our Animal Behaviorist considers Sherekhan somewhat of a “couch potato.” His easy going and relaxed nature, together with his affectionate nature, makes it difficult for the Behaviorist to leave Khan’s habitat to go on to other animals.
Kiki is as affectionate and gentle as Khan, but she is more active and curious, wanting more attention and checking out smells of other animals found on the Behaviorist’s pants and shirt. She loves company and attention; both of these tigers would benefit from having an adoptive parent that came out and sits with them next to the fence.
Learn more about ShereKhan
Learn more about KiKi
These two tigers also came in October, 2015. They were rescued from a commercial photo shoot operation, and they really enjoy running and playing with their balls, as well as with each other. They are extremely affectionate towards one another and it is a delight to see how much they enjoy each other’s company as well as that of our Animal Behaviorist. They frequently can be seen lying on each side of the Behaviorist, sharing time and space in relaxation and contentment.
We can also see that Louis and Julia have grown considerably as well. All four tigers are not only physically growing but are also both mentally and emotionally healthy thanks to the use of Emotional Enrichment here at IEAS. Their personalities are very similar to Sherekhan and KiKi, which makes for quite a conflict on the part of our behaviorist in attempting to give these two, plus Nahla, the time they crave and still have time for other animals. All four tigers are growing happy and health in all aspects thanks to the dedicated work of our Animal Behaviorist, Louis Dorfman and our Animal Care Program.
Learn more about Louis
Learn more about Julia
All four came to us late last year and will be celebrating their 1-year anniversary at the Sanctuary on Oct 17th. We look forward to their growth and the many more years to come.
Book a tour for their anniversary
Rob is a recent addition as well to the Sanctuary. He will play a key role in representing the wild Ocelots of Texas. Sadly, while Ocelots use to roam a much larger portion of Texas, they have been drastically reduced and survive in small patches in Southern Texas. The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary is proud to have Rob with us and that he can help us educate our visitors on the plight of the native Ocelots of Texas.
We also rescued two Grey Wolves, of the sub-species Tundra Wolves, some of the largest of the Grey Wolves and absolutely beautiful. They are two of the very few Grey Wolves in Texas, and they are quite an attraction. They are very important for our educational program, as it allows tours and visitors to see that wolves do not live up to their aggressive reputation and are, in fact, some of the gentlest of wild animals. There is not a recorded case in North America of a wild wolf killing a human.
            Our two wolves, while naturally nervous, are very loving to each other and to our Animal Behaviorist. They sit in his lap and sleep beside him after receiving a great deal of petting and scratching. Their affectionate nature rivals that of domestic dogs, though they will always maintain their wild nature and could never be considered anything approaching a pet. Watching them play with each other is a delight, and one can spend a great deal of time observing them without realizing how much time has passed.
Learn more about Romulus
Learn about about Remus
Fall and Preparing for Winter
Fall is here and those of you familiar with Sanctuary procedures know what that means… Preparing for Winter.
Preparing for winter at IEAS actually takes months and takes careful planning and management.
During the next few months, our animal residents will also be able to partake in some Seasonal Enrichment. Soon there will be Pumpkins and then not to long after that will be Pine Trees. These forms of enrichment come from donations related to their associated holidays of Halloween and Christmas.
Prior to Winter, we must adjust the diets of the bears. This adjustment is to simulate the natural foraging and fattening process their wild cousins go through. We also provide our bears with ‘Human-made’ bear dens but quite often many of our bears will follow their natural instincts and create their own bear dens. Thanks to the large size of the habitats we provide them, our bears have plenty of space to dig and create their own natural dens however they want. During the guided tours of the Sanctuary, you can also see just how big some of the bear areas are during the Dorfman Bear Orphanage portion of the tour.
All the programs and new additions listed above are improving our facility immeasurably; BUT!

They cost money.

We are totally dependent on the generosity of you supporters and donors to fund our deeply needed programs, health care, and nutritional needs. Many of you have not visited us in some time, and you’ll be amazed at the changes that have taken place. Please come out, visit, adopt animals you particularly like, and PLEASE help us financially in any way you can.Part of our re-invigoration is making donors feel more appreciated and welcome. We appreciate each and every one of you and want everyone to enjoy our animals and feel more a part of our success going forward. Our success is your success as well... We can't do it without you.

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We are proud to be able to provide such a loving and nurturing environment for all of our animal residents.
New Animal Care Staff
Trish Lang is leading our Animal Care Staff as the Curator. Trish returns to the Sanctuary with 8+ years of experience.
Maggie Kloza joins the Animal Care Staff as a Keeper. Maggie transitions from previously completing our Intern Program into her current role.
Michelle Biddle joins the Animal Care Staff as a Keeper. Michelle previously completed both our Intern Program and the Apprentice Program.


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