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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Beat the Campaign to Sabotage the Affordable Care Act: Truth-Tell for Health Care
Texans Care for Children

September, 2013

We sent this yesterday with an incorrect date for this week's Health Care Action Call. We're sorry to add to your inbox, but we wanted to make sure folks had the correct date to join us for this call. It's Sept. 26. Thanks!

Beat the Campaign to Sabotage the Affordable Care Act: Truth-Tell for Health Care 

We've been letting you know about how important a date October 1 is. Next week is when more Texans will have a chance to get good health coverage that they can afford in the Health Insurance Marketplace,where Texans who need coverage will find new options and get financial assistance.

While there is a lot to celebrate in that, some are doing everything in their power to prevent it from happening. Texas Governor Rick Perry is among those trying to gum up the works (and getting push-back for it), but he's not alone. A recent New York Magazine article lays out the elaborate plan opponents have for trying to undo the Affordable Care Act. 

Key to the plot is keeping people in the dark about the marketplace.

But there's a way to fight back! Simply tell the truth. Say: "Getting health insurance is about to get easier. On Oct. 1, people can go to to find insurance, and most will get financial assistance to help pay for it." Take action in one of these ways:

  • Tell 10 friends about the marketplace.  
  • Email your friends and family, and ask them to pass along the word, too. 
  • Go door to door as a volunteer with Get Covered America
  • Keep sharing information about the marketplace from Texas Well & Healthy on Facebook or Twitter

Join our September Health Care Action Call: Getting Out the Word 

Getting the word out is the topic of our organizing action call this month. Talk live with some of our campaign members about ways you can be a voice for getting more Texans insured through the Affordable Care Act.

Join us on the next Health Care Action Call to learn about a new toolkit to help you get out the word, too. 

September Health Care Action Call:
Getting the Word Out about the Health Insurance Marketplace

12 p.m. - 1 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 26
RSVP to Laura for call details:  
What You Might Have Missed at The Texas Treatment 

It's been a busy month on our blog! All month, we've been sharing posts from the Center for Public Policy Priorities that "Countdown To Coverage." Plus, there's new data from the Census about health insurance in Texas and important news about covering children:

  • It isn't just the marketplace that will make it easier for people to get coverage soon. Medicaid is changing, too, and local programs on the ground are doing a lot to connect Texans who are bothuninsured and unbanked with what they need to get enrolled.

  • One of the key groups who will benefit from the marketplace are young adults. They also are incredibly important to the marketplace's success, so be to sure to share this post with uninsured 20-somethings you know! 

  • Also important are the marketplace helpers, including navigators, who will be there to give in-person support with enrollment to people who want it. We explain navigators and offer a response to the governor's latest politically motivated move against navigators.

  • New data just out from the Census shows Texas has much to gain from affordable health care, and the ACA has the potential to give working-age Texans the better options they need.
  • And did you know there's a path to coverage for nearly all Texas children starting soon? Help spread the word so Texas gets to the finish line where all Texan families have the security of good health insurance for their children.


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