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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Feral Friends - Seeking Short Term Foster Help!
Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance

June, 2013

Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance
Emergency Fosters Needed!
Dear Jackie,

We are in DESPERATE need of some temporary fosters to help with Bijou and her five kittens, who have ringworm.  I normally do not send out this type of plea for help, but I am desperate.  I have 10 kittens at my house right now with severe ringworm and I cannot take any more.  This litter does not have it as severe, but still need a place to go so they can be medicated.  The estimated time is 3- 4 weeks.

BijouThis is Bijou, who is the momma cat.  The buff, orange and grey kittens are hers, and they were rescued from Dallas Animal Services.  The two black kittens were orphaned very young and Bijou took them on as her own to raise.

Bijou Kitten 4This is the little orange tabby boy.

Bijou Kitten 5
Bijou Kitten 3
Bijou Kitten 2
This is the solid black little boy.  He has the worst symptoms.

This is the only little girl in the litter.

This is the little grey tabby boy.

Bijou Kitten 1
This is the buff tabby little boy.
Any help with these kitties is appreciated!  We can split them up if needed, and if anyone can take just one it would be a huge help!

Thank you!!!!

Pam Asturias

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