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Monday, January 22, 2018

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KNEW IT. Now, we have the PROOF!
Writer's Garret

June, 2012

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"When the tide goes out, you find out quickly
who is not wearing
a bathing suit."
--Warren Buffett
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Wanna be SMARTER, MORE EXPERIENCED, & a BETTER PERSON? (Apparently, we can help
. . . !)

In March, The New York Times published "Your Brain on Fiction," referencing two 
scientific studies that readers and writers already knew in their hearts to be true.
The first study describes how the act of reading/ writing narrative structure, sensory
detail, and METAPHOR changes us for the better! The brain responds almost the same
to fictional experiences as it does to those in the real world--with an added benefit.
When people read about another's struggles, they become empathetic. They ALSO grow
more skilled at solving complex social problems.*
Reading AND writing make us better people, says the article, giving us FAR more 
"personal experience" than otherwise would be possible in our single lives.
THEN a recent study in Neurology Today explains that reading only an hour a day 
for six months actually GROWS new white matter! Other research proves reading and
writing enable synapses to network better, improving the speed and ability to associate
 many ideas. Reading and writing unite the brain with many cross-overs between 
lobes and hemispheres.
These scientific revelations explain the NEA's groundbreaking study, "Reading at
Risk," which claims that regular readers show more economic and social mobility,
are better thinkers and "life-long" learners, and tend to be more involved in volunteerism
and philanthropy.
In  the macro-study world, the reading and writing of literature is one of  the 
most economical ways to  connect us as well as solve much of what  ails us our society.
Today's culture has become text-nologically advanced  with Internet and smartphones.
Meanwhile, lacking reading and  writing skills is a ROOT CAUSE behind the drop-out
epidemic. Lack of these skills  costs U.S. businesses BILLIONS each year. Creative
Writing as THERAPY  is popping up in trauma units, mental wards, Alzheimer's service
agencies, and  long-term care clinics.
Just 25 years ago people generally believed that the brain   couldn't change once
set, nor could IQs improve...  FALSE! This begs the question of what other single
activity can produce as many positive, long-term results in such a compressed action.
And what other single nonprofit can produce as many long-term results with so few
Demand for our services continues to grow, but dollars from individuals, foundations,
and corporations continue to shrink. For the first time in 15 years, we've not received
NEA funding. We  have less than 25% of the dollars we had in 2008, and yet we still
serve  readers, children, educators, and writers by the thousands.
We are reaching our limit without more help...
So far, ONLY 10 of our 8000+ subscribers have re-upped, joined, or made a contribution.
That's .00125 of our subscribers and less than 2% of last year's membership. SURELY
more of you can help than that. Evaluations tell us that people LOVE our programs;
we've won national, regional, state-wide, and local awards for excellence in programming.
We change lives.

The Writer's Garret: Beyond Words []

View The Writer's Garret: Beyond Words

Scratch our back, and we'll scratch yours...(and stimulate your mind, stroke your
conscience, and help you to grow as a person and thinker). Join today and you will
get nearly 6 months of FREE membership added on, and help us to continue to survive
and thrive.

* We have over 8,000 free subscribers(Thank YOU!)

* We have fewer than 500 paying members(the same number we had in 1995)

* If each member renews NOW, we can survive the summer(and, in thanks, we will add
6 months to your membership -- 1&1/2 years for the price of one!)

* If every member brings on ONE friend, The Garret will thrive through winter!

* If every subscriber donates ONLY $10, we're good through NEXT Spring!
JUST $10! (Please feel free to donate to the Jack Myers or Jacob Myers Funds--just
let us know.)    <input name="cmd" type="hidden" value="_s-xclick"><input name="hosted_button_id"
type="hidden" value="NVUSEA3E5JSYY">

(You can also call 214-828-1715
or send a check to The Writer's Garret
P.O. Box 140530 / Dallas, TX 75214-0530)
Running NOW through the 4th of July
The Writer's Garret asks you
to support our
"Summer Survive / Fall Thrive" Drive
Of course, you can join anytime this summer and receive extra months, but the sooner,
the better. AND until July 4, any member bringing in four (4) NEW members will get
up to a $50 discount on any Garret class, workshop, event, program, or subscription.
Bring in seven (7), and it's up to $100 off!  We're also offering a "gently used"
Lenovo laptop for the most new members brought in by a current member (click here
for more info).
These are good with other discounts. Your referral MUST credit you when joining.
Click here []
if you want to get started with your membership--first time or renewing, good until
January 1, 2014, and help us stay alive this summer and beyond!
WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(You can also call 214-828-1715
or send a check to The Writer's Garret
P.O. Box 140530 / Dallas, TX 75214-0530)
(*Apparently,   Carl Jung was right when he claimed that the unconscious can't tell
the  difference between structured symbolism and experience.)


The Writer's Garret is made possible by the support of many

individuals, corporations, foundations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and
governmental agencies.

This season of educational programs and events
has been made possible by the following:

National  Endowment for the Arts; Lucky Dog Books; City of Dallas Office of Cultural
Affairs; George and Fay Young  Foundation; Harold Simmons Foundation; Texas Commission
on the Arts; M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation;  Target; R.L. & Phyllis Glazer Fund;
Heritage Auctions (; AWAC; Dallas AfterSchool  Network; Big Thought; Gardere
Wynne Sewell, LLP; The Dallas Foundation;  donors to the Jack Myers and Jacob  Myers
Funds; and our members, Board of Trustees, and Board of Sponsors.

(If we have inadvertently left anyone off this list,

please let us know asap. We WANT to thank you!)


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