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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

June, 2012

Groups cast doubt on validity of state hospital's electrotherapy consent forms

Austin American-Statesman

May 31, 2012


Texas' public psychiatric hospitals never should have used a controversial treatment on more than 120 aggressive patients because the consent forms they signed did not spell out potential side effects and other information required under state rules, mental health watchdogs said this week.



State sanctions private Corpus Christi psychiatric hospital

Corpus Christi Caller Times

June 1, 2012


CORPUS CHRISTI - A private Corpus Christi psychiatric hospital has been sanctioned by the state for incomplete medical records and failing to provide a qualified dietitian. The Department of State Health Services found the violations after a June 2011 investigation into Padre Behavioral Hospital following a complaint. 



North Texas health care system feels strain from uninsured, chronic conditions

Dallas Business Journal

June 1, 2012


Overloaded emergency rooms. One in four people lacking health insurance. A severe shortage of psychiatric and behavioral health services. Escalating chronic conditions such as diabetes. That's how the North Texas health care scene is depicted in a major study by the Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council.



New Buckner facility focuses on helping families in poverty

Longview News-Journal

June 1, 2012


... Families will work with an assigned case manager to identify their needs and develop a family-centered transformation plan, which may include support and referrals to secure financial, emotional, mental, spiritual or physical resources.



United Way unveils preschool prep effort in Travis County

Austin American-Statesman

May 31, 2012


... Among the new goals are increasing access to adult literacy services, offering more quality early care and education services in low-income neighborhoods, pushing for full-day public school pre-kindergarten for all eligible families in Travis County, and integrating early childhood developmental and mental health screenings into health care for low-income families.





New Guidelines To Treat Childhood Aggression

Medical News Today

June 1, 2012


Mayo Clinic researchers, in collaboration with other research institutions and youth mental health experts, are publishing new guidelines for primary care providers and mental health specialists to manage the common but often complex problem of childhood aggression. The goals include improving diagnosis and care and avoiding inappropriate use of medication. 



U.S. Program Targets Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes

U.S. News and World Report

May 30, 2012


U.S. health officials said Wednesday that they're hoping to reduce the use of antipsychotic drugs among nursing home residents by 15 percent before year's end. ...The partnership involves federal and state officials, nursing homes and other providers, advocacy groups and caregivers. According to CMS, overuse of antipsychotic drugs in nursing home patients suffering from dementia is a significant problem. CMS statistics indicate that in 2010, more than 17 percent of nursing home patients had daily doses exceeding recommended levels. 



Questions Linger on Resolving Housing Problem for Mentally Ill

North Carolina Health News

May 31, 2012


... Disability Rights alleged the state's way of housing these mental health consumers was "biased" towards putting people in institutions, such as adult care homes, rather than helping them move out into the community, as required by law. The US Department of Justice decided to investigate the situation and eventually agreed with Disability Rights' assessment last summer. The state and the US DOJ have been negotiating a settlement since last summer in an effort to avoid legal action by the DOJ. 



Accessing mental-health treatment requires stiff criteria

The Seattle Times

May 31, 2012


... But people familiar with the mental-health system say it's not so simple as it may seem. Especially in Washington. Every month between 1,500 and 2,000 people are evaluated by mental-health professionals under the state's Involuntary Treatment Act, (ITA) which allows for a person with a psychiatric illness to be detained in a hospital for treatment. Under the ITA, a person must present an imminent threat to him- or herself or others, or be "gravely disabled." In about two-thirds of cases where patients are mentally ill enough to be brought in for evaluation, they are sent home because they don't meet the criteria .



Sick in America: Hispanics Grapple With Cost And Quality Of Care


May 31, 2012


In our recent poll on what it means to be sick in America, one ethnic group stands out as having special problems - Hispanic Americans. The national survey, conducted by NPR with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health, sheds new light on Hispanics' health issues. It runs counter to the widespread impression that African-Americans are worst-off when it comes to the cost and quality of health care. 



Hospitals fight drug scarcity, fear patients harmed


June 1, 2012


At the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, pharmacists are using old-fashioned paper spreadsheets to track their stock of drugs in short supply - a task that takes several hours each day. Most of the hospital's medicines - an estimated $100-million supply a year - are tracked by automated systems that allow for quick reorders when the supply runs low. But these automated systems, designed to help the hospital avoid purchases and storage costs of unused pills and vials, do not work if it is uncertain when the next batch of drugs will come in.



Group sues California over isolation of some prison inmates

Los Angeles Times

June 1, 2012


SACRAMENTO - California's practice of isolating prison inmates it suspects of gang affiliations and keeping them that way for years is being challenged in federal court by a national civil rights group. ... The inmates are segregated based on thin evidence and prevented from seeking parole, the advocates say, and their isolation leads to mental and medical problems.,0,6228061.story



More Americans Are Checking Prices Before Getting Health Care


May 31, 2012


Among the recent health care consumers, 16 percent said they'd looked for prices beforehand, compared with 11 percent who'd answered that way in the previous poll. OK, so where do they turn for price info? The most common source is a doctor's office, cited by 50 percent of those households that had checked recently on prices. But, that was down 10 percentage points from 2010. The second-most-popular source was insurance companies at about 49 percent.





Physician May Overlook Patient's Mental Health When A Family Member Is Present

Medical News Today

June 1, 2012


Existing research shows that it is beneficial to have a loved one present when visiting the doctor, but a new study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests the opposite may be true for older adults suffering from poor mental health. They examined whether companion presence in routine primary care visits helps or hinders physician visit processes and found that older adults with poor mental health function may experience more communication challenges in the form of shorter visits and less patient-centered communication 



Subtle executive impairments indicate familial schizophrenia risk

MedWire News

June 1, 2012


The unaffected first-degree relatives of patients with schizophrenia show subtle executive function impairments, and these deficits are associated with negative symptoms, investigators report. 



Factors linked to relapse risk in bipolar disorder identified

MedWire News

June 1, 2012


A higher number of previous mood episodes and living in a mixed urban/rural area are associated with an increased risk for relapse in patients with bipolar disorder, Spanish researchers report. 





Update: Applications for the Local Authority Network Advisory Committee

Texas Department of State Health Services

May 30, 2012


DSHS is seeking applicants in the following stakeholder categories: * Private Mental Health Services Provider (new) * Urban Government Officials * Consumers * Family Members * Advocates * Community Mental Health Service Providers (excluding private providers) Application Due Date: June 14, 2012 



SAMHSA is accepting applications for up to $52.7 million in Addiction Technology Transfer Centers grants in partnership with NIDA

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

June 1, 2012


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in partnership with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), is accepting applications for Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (ATTC) grants totaling up to $52.7 million over the course of a five year period. The purpose of this program is to develop and strengthen the workforce that provides addictions treatment and recovery support services to those in need. 


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