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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

February, 2012

Group wants veterans court in Williamson County

KXAN - Austin

February 15, 2012


...This week, Hinton created a group called Veterans for Jana Duty in support of Bradley's opponent for District Attorney, Jana Duty, who does support creating a Veterans Court. ...Richardson said they work closely to help veterans with peer-to-peer counseling and she noted the recent opening of the Green Zone Resource Center for veterans, a private veteran's resource center in Cedar Park. 



Parkland chief tries to encourage employees after report exposing widespread problems

Dallas Morning News

February 16, 2012


Parkland's interim CEO stood before hundreds of people from the hospital on Wednesday in an attempt to blunt the impact of a sweeping report that exposed widespread threats to patient safety. Royer said the hospital has been making improvements. ...But on the same afternoon he was speaking, Texas health officials said the state is considering whether to fine Parkland. 



Parkland paid bonuses to executives in criticized departments

Dallas Morning News

February 16, 2012


Parkland Memorial Hospital has paid more than $7 million in bonuses since 2008, much of it to executives with direct oversight of areas faulted in a new patient safety report. 



Recent prison deal will have no bearing in the Big Country

Abilene Reporter News

February 15, 2012


A deal by the Texas prison board to approve a multimillion-dollar contract to secure offender health care services outside its traditional university providers will not have a bearing on prisoners in the Big Country, officials say. On Friday a $46.8 million contract was approved to lease beds at a Huntsville-based hospital. ...The arrangement does not interrupt medical care in the Big Country provided by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, which acts as the health care provider to the western portion of Texas, said Jason Clark, TDCJ spokesman. 



Ed Emmett: State Of The County Is Good

KUHF - Houston

February 15, 2012


... Emmett said our criminal justice system must help prevent young offenders from lapsing into a life of crime. "And at a time when healthcare is a national and state issue, Harris County simply must lead the way, in providing our indigent population with medical homes that provide preventive care. And a county and as a society, we must constantly search for ways to assist those among us with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Better delivery of services to this segment of our population, will not only make for a better society. It will lessen the pressure on our jails and our hospitals." 



Fort Worth mother at center of Amber Alert charged with kidnapping

Fort Worth Star Telegram

February 15, 2012


...Kimberly Smith was taken into custody Sunday after a six-day search for her and her daughter Jessica Smith. Police found the two weak and hungry in Smith's car near a national forest in northern New Mexico. ...Police said during the search that Smith has a degenerative mental illness. 



Careworker attacked by MHMR patient with knife

KVUE - Austin

February 15, 2012


AUSTIN -- A careworker at a Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation (TDMHMR) group home was attacked by a resident wielding a knife. ... The incident happened early Tuesday morning at a group home on Wishing Well Drive in South Austin. A police affidavit reveals Myles attacked a worker at the home after an argument about Myles violating the curfew by being out of his room. 



Wylie man accused of killing stepfather has history of mental illness

Dallas Morning News

February 15, 2012


A Wylie man charged with capital murder in his stepfather's death has a history of mental illness and has referred to his stepfather as the devil, according to documents obtained Wednesday. 



Community Briefing: Authorities say children killed in wreck near Georgetown weren't secured properly

Austin American-Statesman

February 15, 2012


...A woman is under medical care after police said she broke into a Lakeway couple's home claiming their 5-year-old son was the Antichrist, police said Wednesday. ...Straley has since been committed to a mental health facility in North Texas, and she won't be taken into custody until after she is released, Lakeway Police Chief Todd Radford said through a spokeswoman. 





Can Health Equity Be a Moneymaker?

California Healthline

February 16, 2012


Sometimes the right thing might also be the financially beneficial thing. Physician groups are gathering today in Sacramento for a conference on disparities in health care related to race, language and geography. This time, the debate is not just about the moral imperative to promote equity in health care, but also about the clinical and financial impetus to make that move. 



Arizona Supreme Court lets AHCCCS cuts stand

Arizona Republic

February 15, 2012


The Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to review an appeal challenging cuts to the state's Medicaid program, letting stand an enrollment freeze that has locked thousands of poor residents out of government-paid health insurance. An estimated 100,000 childless adults will lose Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System coverage this fiscal year. The state has turned away an untold number since a lower-court judge allowed the cap to take effect in July. 



Senate plan includes big cuts to mental health programs

Tampa Bay Times

February 15, 2012


TALLAHASSEE - Programs that serve mentally ill patients or addicts could see their state funding zeroed out this year under a Senate budget proposal. The proposal would slash overall state spending on adult mental health and substance abuse treatment by about 40 percent, or $87 million. 



Deal reached on treatment of state's mentally ill inmates

Boston Globe

February 16, 2012


Years after a series of suicides in state prison segregation units, the state Department of Correction has reached a landmark agreement with advocate groups to better care for prisoners with severe mental illnesses. 



New Orleans' frayed mental health safety net could collapse, officials warn

New Orleans Times-Picayune

February 15, 2012


Frustration and anger boiled over Wednesday as members of New Orleans' political, criminal justice and medical communities pondered the dire consequences of pending cuts to state-financed mental health services for the poor and uninsured. ... Short of an 11th-hour change of heart by Gov. Bobby Jindal or the Legislature, an already-frayed mental health safety net in the city could collapse. 



A mother writes about her concerns to judge dealing with D.C. mental health care suit

Washington Post

February 15, 2012


... The widely anticipated settlement marks a major milestone for the city, ending court oversight of a mental health system that has made vast improvements, but that all sides agree has room for more. 





Stemming the tide of overtreatment in U.S. healthcare

Chicago Tribune

February 16, 2012


CHICAGO (Reuters) - A leading group of U.S. doctors is trying to tackle the costly problem of excessive medical testing, hoping to avoid more government intervention in how they practice. ... President Barack Obama's health law from 2010 recognizes the growing burden of costs, but its main goal was to extend healthcare coverage to millions more Americans. It deals indirectly with ways to curb expenses.,0,499074.story 



Really America, Most Mass. Residents Like Health Reform

Kaiser Health News

February 15, 2012


... In the latest WBUR poll, 62 percent support the law and 33 percent oppose it. Steve Koczela is president of the Mass, Inc. polling group, which conducted the poll. The difference between national and local opinions about the law is part politics, part misinformation, and partly a difference of experience, says Robert Blendon, a professor at Harvard Kennedy School. Massachusetts residents are living with the law. Opinions outside the state are based on speculation. 





Parkland consultants' report is a scathing indictment

Dallas Morning News

February 14, 2012


If Parkland Memorial Hospital weren't so essential to the health and well being of so many, it might matter less that it's falling so far short of a minimum standard of safe, quality care. Most of its patients are indigent. Many are homeless, with behavioral, social and substance abuse issues. Many are illegal immigrants. Of the people brought to Parkland's psychiatric emergency department, 70 percent arrive in police custody. 



Bad publicity might be the medicine Parkland Memorial Hospital needs

Dallas Morning News

February 15, 2012


...Our investigative reporting team, which has been following Parkland's struggles in recent years, recounted dozens of them this week after obtaining a copy of the consultants' report. The hospital's top administrators tried very hard to keep the report secret, no doubt fearing the fresh barrage of negative PR it was bound to incur. But bad publicity -- which some Parkland administrators stubbornly persist in thinking is worse than delivering sometimes dangerous and occasionally inhumane care -- seems to be what gets everybody's attention. Until they get their act together, bad publicity is exactly what the doctor ordered. 



Invest in care for our aging Texas inmates

Austin American-Statesman

February 14, 2012


... As is the case with an aging free population, older inmates require more medical attention than younger ones. And the Human Rights Watch study notes that prisoners age faster than their counterparts on the outside. "Incarcerated men and women typically have physiological and mental health conditions that are associated with people at least a decade older in the community. This accelerated aging process is likely due to the high burden of disease common in people from poor backgrounds who comprise the majority of the prison population, coupled with unhealthy lifestyles prior to and during incarceration," the report notes. 



Budget Debates: Let's Look at the Ground Level


February 16, 2012


President Obama submitted his proposed federal budget for 2013 to Congress this week. As expected, it's controversial. Much of the debate leading into the fall's elections will be over what programs should be cut and how much taxes should be raised-if at all-on high income Americans in order to reduce the federal government's deficit, let alone pay down the national debt. 



Psychiatric Diagnoses: Why No One Is Satisfied


February 15, 2012


As the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is revised for the first time since 1994, controversy about psychiatric diagnosis is reaching a fever pitch. 





One in 10 U.S. kids have alcoholic parent - study

Chicago Tribune

February 15, 2012


CHICAGO, Feb 16 (Reuters) - More than one in 10 U.S. children live with an alcoholic parent and are at increased risk of developing a host of health problems of their own, according to a new government study released on Thursday.... The researchers said children living with alcoholics were at greater risk of suffering from a number of mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.,0,5119967.story 



Scientists teach computers to assess psychiatric risk

Chicago Tribune

February 15, 2012


LONDON (Reuters) - Computer programs can be taught to select between brain scans of healthy young people and scans showing adolescents who are at higher risk of developing mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, scientists said Thursday.,0,5031404.story 



Depression highly prevalent in head and neck cancer

MedWire News

February 16, 2012


Patients with head and neck cancer exhibit high rates of depression but this does not seem to be explained by genetic susceptibility, US researchers report. 



Early predictors of outcome in psychotic bipolar disorder identified

MedWire News

February 16, 2012


Reduced premorbid functioning, delusions, increased levels of depressive symptoms, and younger age at first hospitalization predict poorer 4-year outcomes in patients with bipolar disorder who have psychotic symptoms, research shows. 



Traumatic Brain Injury Linked to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Study Suggests


February 15, 2012


UCLA life scientists and their colleagues have provided the first evidence of a causal link between traumatic brain injury and an increased susceptibility to post-traumatic stress disorder. 



Hospitalization of US Underage Drinkers Common, Costs $755 Million a Year


February 15, 2012


Hospitalization for underage drinking is common in the United States, and it comes with a price tag -- the estimated total cost for these hospitalizations is about $755 million per year, a Mayo Clinic study has found. Researchers also found geographic and demographic differences in the incidence of alcohol-related hospital admissions. 





"Visionary C/S/X* Leadership" teleconference: This Is Our Time: Leading Boldly and Strategically

National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery


This teleconference will focus on essential aspects of leadership, including:

  • How do we continue to develop leaders at the local, state and national levels?
  • What leadership models are most useful in bringing about social change on a grand scale?
  • How can we further bring the c/s/x community together around our shared values and principles and our vision of respect, self-determination, dignity and inclusion for all?

Monday, Feb. 27, 2012, 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. eastern time. Registration not required. Call-in number: 1-877-444-7543, Code: 8839036387# 



Webinar: Get Social! Using Social Media to Advance Your Mission, Raise Awareness, and Provide Peer Support

National Empowerment Center


Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Podcasting, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus. In an ever-growing social media landscape, it is easy to feel lost and not know where to begin. Our presenters will help you find your place on the social media map and head out on your personal or organizational journey. Using real-life stories, each presenter will discuss how their organization developed a social media strategy, the tools they use and how they use them, and the benefits and challenges they have experienced along the way. This webinar is geared towards peers, peer-run organizations, mental health service providers, family members, policymakers, administrators, and all other stakeholders. Friday, March 2, 2012, 1 pm - 2:30 pm eastern time. Online registration closes at 5 p.m. eastern time. 



Webinar: Breaking the Poverty Cycle: Creating Social and Economic Opportunities

SAMHSA's Resource Center to Promote Acceptance, Dignity and Social Inclusion Associated with

Mental Health (ADS Center)


Addressing poverty is a social, economic, and health imperative. People with behavioral health problems are disproportionately affected by poverty. In fact, 32 percent of people with behavioral health problems live below the poverty line and 72 percent are unemployed. Economic stressors and other social determinants of health (lack of education, social isolation, societal norms and discrimination, limited transportation options, etc.) intersect, keeping individuals and families trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Learn about innovative, multifaceted interventions that assist people along the path to breaking the poverty cycle by addressing a number of intersecting determinants of health. February 28, 2012, 3 p.m.-4:30 p.m. eastern time. Online registration closes at 5 p.m. eastern time on February 27, 2012. 



Social Work Today

February 2012


In this issue:

  • Creating an 'Ecosystem of Health, Wellness' to Reach Underserved Elders
  • 10 Dedicated & Deserving Social Workers
  • Using Exercise to Combat Depression
  • Transition Older Inmates to Life Outside of Prison
  • Treating Depression Older Adults Using Structured Life Review
  • Education Key in Keeping Brain Fit
  • Brit Urges Immunity for Person Who Assists Suicide
  • Disparity Between Male and Female Pain Perception
  • Researchers Question Role of Serotonin Deficiency in Depression
  • Aging in America Conference Preview 





UCLA School of Public Health gets $50 million gift

Los Angeles Times

February 16, 2012


... Fielding, who earns nearly $317,000 a year from the county, said that until recently he never imagined being able to make such a donation and that he had to ask philanthropist friends for guidance. The gift will be used to provide student scholarships, recruit top faculty, enhance research and improve the campus infrastructure. It will also endow a chair in population health to look at the roles housing, education and transportation play in people's health.,0,7215701.story


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