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Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Feral Friends - Urgent Foster Plea
Feral Friends

May, 2011

Urgent Foster Plea for Feral Friends Cats

Dear Jackie,


Feral Friends currently has cats in need of foster (or permanent) homes. These kitties are currently living at PetSmart in cages and desperately need to stretch their legs.


Even a space as small as a bathroom can provide enough room to give a cat relief from a cage. Remember, foster homes are temporary and they do not have to be ideal.


If you cannot foster or adopt, please pass this on to anyone you think can!






Alice is a 7 year old short haired Tortoiseshell returned to us when her family split up.  She is very quiet and very sweet.  She is a bit of a talker when you pay attention to her. Alice has been staying in a cage at PetSmart for weeks and could use some time to relax in a foster home.


Lucy is a 1 ½ year old short haired black cat surrendered to Feral Friends.  Her people bottle-raised her and then decided they couldn't take her with them when they moved out of state.  Lucy's world turned upside down and she has been very quiet and sad. She needs a good place to regain her balance and the sweet outgoing nature she is said to have. She likes to play fetch when she is happy.



Phoebe is a 7 month old short haired brown tabby surrendered to Feral Friends after being rescued off the streets of Dallas.  She is a very outgoing and affectionate young girl who loves people, loves to play and really wants to get out of her cage.



Felix is approximately 1 year old and is a short haired brown tabby surrendered to Feral Friends after being rescued in a school yard.  He is another very outgoing and affectionate cat.  He has beautiful green eyes and a cool dude attitude.  Felix loves people, loves being held and gives hugs too.

Feral Friends Logo
If you would like to donate click here. Thank you for all your support and all you do for our precious cats and kittens. 

Kelly Richert
Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance



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