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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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"Preventing Child Abuse One Child At A Time"
Prevent Child Abuse Texas

April, 2011

Prevent Child Abuse Texas invites your support of a training program for child-care providers and teachers that will reduce the number of children needlessly suffering from abuse.  The training conferences are being held all across the state. The Preventing Child Abuse One Child At A Time” program features a Training Guide that will be used.  This training is critical for childcare providers, as they are the first group to see children outside the home on a routine basis and must be trained to recognize, report and prevent child abuse.

Newspapers across Texas have been reporting heartbreaking cases of abuse and neglect of children.  In recent years, the severity of abuse and the number of cases have been increasing. While other violent crimes are decreasing, child abuse continues to rise.  Many cases of abuse can be prevented. 

Child abuse can occur anywhere, anytime, and in any economic group.  It is found in all cultures and ethnic groups.  It is in the city, suburbia and rural areas and any age child can become a victim.  Abuse takes the form of neglect, threats, verbal and emotional abuse, battering, incest, rape and murder.  Because few public dollars are used to protect our children, the number of investigations of child abuse and neglect has not kept pace with the increase in the number of reports of child abuse and providing safety and services. 

Every day, the very people they rely upon for safety and security--their parents or caregivers, subject children across the country to abuse or neglect. Because no one wants to believe that good people can hurt their own children and investigations of child abuse are kept confidential; the incidence of maltreatment is higher than most people imagine.

And the problem does not end with childhood.  Whether you consider them symptoms or causes, neglect and abuse in the family are at the root of many of the major problems society faces today--

  • Adolescents in Texas corrections facilities are 3 times more likely than other adolescents to have been physically abused at home.
  • Adolescents in corrections facilities were 2 1/2 times more likely to have witnessed the physical abuse of other family members.
  • 90% of incarcerated men and women state that they were abused as children.
  • Studies show that a majority of child abuse survivors grow up to maltreat their own children.

Parents abused as children are more than six times as likely to abuse their children as parents who were not abused.  Studies have shown that treatment services are often ineffective in permanently altering parental behaviors. Prevention programs targeted at parents before they become abusive reduce the likelihood for future maltreatment.

Prevent Child Abuse Texas will conduct a training conference for child care workers and early education teachers and administrators.  The training will be 6 hours in length and will feature the booklet “Preventing Child Abuse One Child At A Time”. 





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