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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Disrupting Philanthropy - London Version
Lucy Bernholz

April, 2011

I spoke this morning on Disrupting Philanthropy at the very modest Somerset House in London, courtesy of NCVO, BigSocietyNetwork, the Guardian UK , the European Association for Philanthropy and Gicing, and many other kind hosts. One of the examples I used is about how Andy Carvin (@acarvin) influenced how many of us in the U.S. learned about the protests in Tunisia. Andy used Storify to curate Twitter, find eyewitnesses, check their information, and tell the story in real time from half a world away. It added a whole new dimension to news coverage. You can read about it here.

I know this is a meaningful example of using digital tools for storytelling and news gathering because John Bracken also mentioned it when I joined him on a recent panel at the Jewish Funders Network.

Now I've been storified. This link to the Guardian will give you a curated list of tweets, audio interview, and some photos. This link will give you the slide deck. The conversation was quite "delightful" (For you, @steve4good) - as the UK is right in the midst of making policy "sense" about giving. This is a big deal. Changing the rules of philanthropy is what stands to either accelerate or decelerate the evolutionary changes we've been experiencing for the last decade. Without changing the rules, all we've seen so far will remain evolutionary. Rule change could be revolutionary.

I'm now at the Skoll World Forum which will include some amazing discussions on the brain, the future, massive social change, and leadership. I also hope to pop in to #OxfordJam where social entrepreneurs are talking design for social impact, "Banking on Yunus", and Digital Gift Economies.


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