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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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i-fund News: Mobile fundraising: much more than $10 text gifts

March, 2011

Amergent I-Fund Mobile fundraising: much more than $10 text gifts By Rick Christ In Sweden, donors to Doctors Without Borders are invited to “follow” a health care worker in a far-away country each week, on their mobile phones. They get a message daily that links to a short video, played on their phone. At the end of the week, the viewers are thanked and invited to contribute $5 by phone to “subscribe” to the next week’s messages from a different health care worker in a different country. After a year, those donors were called – on their phones – and asked to make a bigger gift. A whopping 90% made an additional gift. Not here in the United States, you say? Not yet, maybe. But soon. Is your web site mobile-friendly?mobile_graph.png In the fourth quarter of 2010, more smart phones were sold than PCs. By the end of 2011, there will be as many smart phones in the US as there are “dumb” (“feature”) phones. People – your most wired, most tech-savvy, presumably most influential donors – will be reading their emails and surfing the web on their smart phones. * You need to optimize your web site so that your most important pages are viewed as neatly on a smart phone as they are on a laptop. * You need to make sure your email messages render attractively on all the major smart phone platforms (Apple, Android, Blackberry). Are you building a list of mobile supporters? Ask your donors to join your mobile campaign – even before you’ve worked out exactly what your mobile campaign will be. * Invite them to give you their mobile numbers on your web site, on direct mail reply forms, and at special events. * Start sending them useful information that supports your accountability and transparency as an organization. * Invite them to interact with you via mobile, FaceBook, and other media. Get the whole story Read Amergent’s authoritative guide Mobile Communications for Nonprofits. Download it free at our web site. And call (or text) Rick Christ, VP Online Fundraising, at 540-335-5677 to get started. 3/14/2011 Mobile Communications for Nonprofits Cut through the hype about mobile and learn which tactics will help you raise more revenue. arrow * Download the free guide About i-fund News Amergent's i-fund News is a twice monthly newsletter containing best practices, case studies and the latest trends for nonprofit integrated fundraising. * Read past issues * Send us a question * Forward this email to a colleague Upcoming Events ntc_logo March 17-19, 2011 2011 NonprofitTechnology Conference,Washington, D.C. Attend Heather Fignar's session The Multiplier Effect Saturday, March 19 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


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