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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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What are you reading?
Harvey Mackay

January, 2011

You may know that I read at least a book a week and have for my entire life.  So I take this email to share with you a few books and a new website that caught my attention.  The ideas range from love to changing the way people think in business and always provide at least one take away.


Love for no reason.

I met Marci Shimoff during the book launch of Use Your Head To Get Your Foot in The Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else is Telling You.  While I was talking jobs, she is sharing the best kept secrets about love.  Marci knows how to connect with people.  She's acheived so much and is a #1 New York Times bestselling author.  Her new book Love For No Reason: 7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love shows you how to experience a deep and lasting state of love that doesn't depend on another person, situation, or romantic partner.  I like to say, "Believe in yourself even when no one else does."

In reading this book you'll be able to:
  • Open your heart and become a magnet for love
  • Enjoy more fulfilling relationships with others AND yourself
  • Turn off your body's stress response and turn on your body's love response for better health and well-being
  • Experience more success and satisfaction
  • Help your family, community, and the world

You can buy this book right now and have all these tools in your quiver just in time for Valentine's Day and you'll also receive the exclusive "Love For No Reason Gift Package" as a BONUS.  Click here:

P.S.  If Marci's name sounds familiar. . .it should!  She's the author of the international bestseller Happy for No Reason, six top titles in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and a teacher in the hit film The Secret.  Now, in Love for No Reason, Marci shares the most important life-changing message of all.  I urge you to get a copy today!

Instead of a Crystal Ball, Try This.

For over 25 years, Daniel Burrus has been a strategic consultant to the highest levels of both business and government leaders worldwide, helping them to better understand how technological, social and business forces are converging to create enormous, untapped opportunities. He uses a proprietary methodology to help them craft breakthrough strategies based on Hard Trends combined with the creative application of leading-edge technology. As a strategic consultant, his goal is to produce a major result in the shortest possible time. The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the nation. His diverse client base provides unique insights allowing him to develop solutions to complex problems as well as seeing invisible opportunities.  Clients who have used Burrus business strategy consulting services include Microsoft, GE, American Express, Google, Lockheed Martin, Toshiba, Honda, ExxonMobil, and IBM.

His new book Flash Foresight provides ideas and principles that will transform your business.

Start using the mail to stay in touch.

Yes, I've sold envelopes my whole life, but really, who doesn't like to open mail.  Whether it's for personal or for professional communication, an envelope says you've taken the time to invest in your message.

MackayMItchell Express is MackayMitchell Envelope's new website that sells smaller quantities direct to individuals and companies.  Take a look and order something to get the year off to a great start. In just three easy steps you'll have envelopes with your logo imprinted on it in Minneapolis, MN.


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