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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Nonprofits tap into many motivations for giving
News 8 - Austin

June, 2010

Those who give have to be inspired, educated and involved with their chosen cause.

Outside elements can also come into play when making the decision to invest in a person’s community. Where a person lives, works, the types of wealth in the city and even a person’s alma mater can impact philanthropy in Austin. So area nonprofits know they have to be creative when compelling someone to give.

For example, any night of the week, you can find live music playing on a stage in Austin. In late April, Stubb's was the hot spot for those looking to take in the Old 97's and Ben Kweller.

Hill Country Conservancy hosted the concert. "It's more just an awareness event,” Andrea Rado, HCC community relations director said. “Maybe they've heard of us. Maybe they haven't. When they leave, they definitely have."

Rado works nonstop to make Hill Country Conservancy and its mission known. For those not yet aware of what the nonprofit does and needs, Rado and HCC staff chose to kick off Earth Day events with a live concert hoping to draw in future donors.

"Making the new transplants feel connected to the community is the challenge," Rado said.

Buying a $20 ticket to see local musicians play is a very different proposition than opening your wallet to further a cause. It's a challenge not seen as much in San Antonio.

Mike Bacon works with nonprofits, charitable organizations and donors in San Antonio and across Central Texas.

"In Austin, it's a very energetic giving. In San Antonio, more traditional, loyal, faithful giving," Bacon said.

In other words, the giving in San Antonio is consistent. Bacon would also argue philanthropy is well established in San Antonio, more so than Austin's newfound wealth.

San Antonio’s money has a "more diversified money base: oil and gas money, ranching money," Bacon said. Givers are less involved in the process and are more apt to arrange planned giving through an estate, he added.

Financial planner and president of Austin Asset Management Company John Henry McDonald knows he can't discuss planned giving with all of his clients. It's not because they don't have the money.

"You're going to die someday; everybody is. Mortality in Texas is 100 percent. Now let's talk about giving some money when you go," he said.

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