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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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[International Exotic Animal Sanctuary] Big Cat Scat
Press Release

June, 2009

International Exotic Animal  Sanctuary - Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 35, June 2009

Big Cat Scat

Big Cat Scat Don't forget to get your Big Cat Scat this year! Researchers have found that using a predator's feces may help to drive away pests. Well, our tigers always have a fresh supply of poo that we process for use in your yard. Big Cat Scat users have had great success in keeping wildlife, such as deer, out of their gardens and vineyards. Remember that all of the proceeds from Big Cat Scat go directly to the animals! Visit our Big Cat Scat page to learn more about it, or you can call the office at 940-433-5091 for more information.

June Birthdays!

Caesar Caesar

Male Siberian Tiger
Born June 1, 1997
Arrived February 1998

Caesar will be 12 years old this month. A man had bought Caesar as a pet. One day he left the tiger cub with his grandfather and told him to shoot the Caesar if he did not return to get him. The grandfather cared for Caesar for four months. When he could not do it anymore, he contacted the Dallas SPCA for help instead of shooting the poor animal. Caesar was transferred to IEAS by the Dallas SPCA in February 1998.


B.B. B.B.

Male Cougar
Born June 18, 1993
Arrived January 1995

B.B. will be 16 years old this month. B.B. arrived at IEAS after being abandoned in a house in Fort Worth. BB, along with a tiger, Bruno were both left alone, with no food and no water for about seven days in the house. There were finally rescued by the North Texas Humane Society and brought to IEAS.


Katrina Katrina

Female Snow Leopard
Born June 20, 1996
Arrived August, 1996

Katrina will be 13 years old this month! Being a snow leopard, Katrina needs a nice, cool place that she can escape the summer heat. The IEAS staff kept that in mind when designing her habitat. During the summer, we will see Katrina in the morning at feeding time. She will then retire to her cave, which stays very cool because it is situated behind the waterfall of her pool. She will stay there for most of the day, and then come back out in the evenings when it cools down.


Sasha Sasha

Female Black Leopard
Born June 21, 1993
Arrived January 1994

Sasha will be 15 years old this month! Sasha likes to spend the summer mornings lying in the sun. Once it gets hotter, she will move into the shade to rest. She then begins to explore in the evenings, and usually winds up lying on top of her cave, playing with her favorite buoy or just observing her surroundings.


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